The reliable, optimized, and always up-to-date knowledge base for agents

Smart Knowledge revolutionizes knowledge management with its approach based on generative AI and semantic search, ensuring that your agents have access to the right information at all times.

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Ensure reliable and controlled management of your knowledge

Use cases for Smart Knowledge


Smart Knowledge allows you to centralize, harmonize, and distribute your business knowledge to your collaborators with ease.


With the NLP search engine, AI advisor chatbot, and decision trees, your agents can instantly find the right information.


Your contents are kept up-to-date thanks to obsolescence alerts and agent feedback. Smart AI speeds up revision by generating content based on your documents.


Speed up the training of your agents with guided procedures and practical sheets to ensure an effective skill development.

Structure and share your knowledge

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    With a strong sensitivity to customer contact rates, Ouigo continues to invest in improving its customer self-service solutions. We see these tools as a win-win for both our customers and our brand.

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The AI solution for knowledge management

Content management

Make updating your knowledge easier with a comprehensive and intuitive content management system, featuring advanced editing capabilities, validation, scheduled publishing, and highlighting of crucial information.

Obsolescence management

Don’t let information become outdated. Use our alert system to know exactly when it’s time to refresh your content, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of your data.

Multilingual Translation

Extend the reach of your knowledge to an international audience. Easily manage the translations of your content in over 100 languages, relying on Smart AI for flawless precision.

AI search engine

Speed up information retrieval with our NLP search engine or our generative AI chatbot, so your agents can quickly find the right information directly in their daily customer service tools.

Interactive guides

Simplify decision-making and encourage autonomous problem resolution with decision trees, making complex information more accessible and understandable.

Performance statistics

Make informed decisions based on data. Gain valuable insights into your agents’ needs, content creation, and critical points for improvement with Smart Knowledge’s advanced analytics.

A multitude of channels to disseminate knowledge

Internal channels

  • Knowledge base for agents
  • Browser extensions – Chrome, Firefox, Edge

External channels

  • External FAQ
  • Chatbot
  • Third-party customer service tools – ticketing, CRM

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Smart Knowledge results


the time for agents’ skill development

1.5 months

to reach the target AHT


reduction in AHT

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Transform your knowledge management with Smart Knowledge

Simplify knowledge sharing and strengthen your customer service team's skills with Smart Knowledge.