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Free your team from repetitive tasks with AI

Smart AI leverages artificial intelligence

Update your knowledge

Smart AI automates and streamlines the update of your knowledge bases and FAQs, translates content into multiple languages, and generates content ideas from your customers’ and advisors’ inquiries.

Personalize your knowledge

Smart AI customizes your content for different audiences, optimizes impact and searchability, and automatically corrects spelling and grammar mistakes.

Access to your knowledge

Smart AI features an efficient NLP search engine for quick access to speeches and procedures, making your knowledge base ‘ready to use’ for generative AI models.

AI simplifies content updating

  • Keolys bordeaux

    Smart Tribune’s ability to adapt and evolve the tool according to our needs enabled us to launch a successful self-service solution that our users greatly benefit from.

    Maxime Faure Head of Digital Projects @Keolis Bordeaux

The AI assistant for knowledge management

Intelligent content optimization and adaptation with AI

Adapting the tone for each audience

Smart AI tailors the tone of your content for each audience when writing your help articles, speeches, and procedures for more personalized and impactful communication.

Automated correction and updating

Activate Smart AI in a blink with alerts for obsolete content and user feedback, ensuring quick updates and the creation of both relevant and well-suited content.

Accessing knowledge

Fast and accurate search with AI

Provide your colleagues and clients a quick and precise way to find the answers they seek with our search engine based on natural language processing.

The ally of the AI chatbot

With Smart AI’s positive impact on your knowledge base, supply your generative AI chatbots with reliable and precise data, ensuring accurate and relevant interactions with clients and advisors.

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Transform your approach to knowledge management with Smart AI

Empower your team and enhance your knowledge handling with the innovative capabilities of Smart AI.