Boost your agents with our AI copilot

Save your teams more than 30 hours a month, increase their autonomy by 20%, and ensure that their customer support is consistent with your brand.

AI chatbot for agents

Speed up ticket processing by providing the answer rather than the process

Your agents chatbot optimizes ticket handling to generate a suitable, ready-to-use response that aligns with your brand identity, relying on:

  • your internal knowledge base
  • the best response to the type of ticket
  • ticket information
Better ticket resolution AI chatbot for agent

Ensure that the provided assistance incorporates your brand elements

The AI copilot enhances the quality of your agents’ phone or email responses (tone, spelling, grammar) and provides in real-time, the appropriate procedure for handling complex requests, while staying aligned with your brand image.

AI for customer service brand

Your agents easily retrieve context during a “re-contact”

After each conversation, your AI copilot keeps a history of exchanges with your customers in your CRM or logs, making it easier for your agents to re-contact, who immediately access the customer’s context and past interactions.

AI chatbot for agents helps with re-contact

The conversational solution to increase your agents' efficiency

Sources of truth

Your chatbot draws its knowledge from your FAQ content, previous interactions with your customers, your documents and web pages, and the best responses provided in the past.

Consideration of brand risks

Our chatbot adapts to the tone and style of your brand to offer responses that respect your brand identity. Our moderation module detects sensitive subjects to avoid inappropriate responses and escalates when necessary.

Multilingual management

Expand the reach of your customer service with our AI chatbot that communicates in over 100 languages, allowing your customers to interact naturally in their mother tongue.

Performance statistics

Analyze the performance of your chatbot with detailed data on customer satisfaction, identification of friction points, and reasons for escalation, enabling continuous improvement of the conversational support experience.

Prepare projects for your agents chatbot

Our experts will help you clarify the chatbot AI for agents you need for your use cases and ROI objectives.