Simplify and speed up decision-making in your processes

Smart Guide that offers step-by-step assistance to your clients and agents.

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To help you create interactive guides for various scenarios

Empower your decision trees with Smart Guide

Self-service diagnostics

Allow your customers to identify their issues or needs by navigating through an interactive decision tree, providing them with tailored solutions. This tool is especially effective for delivering technical assistance independently.

Pre-sale choice assistance

Smart Guide streamlines the process of selecting complex products during pre-sales by guiding your customers step-by-step, recommending the products and services that best suit their needs.

Request qualification

Empower your agents to qualify complex customer inquiries, enabling a deeper understanding of their needs and guiding them towards a personalized resolution.

Smart Guide approach

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  • DPD customer success

    Our first meeting with Smart Tribune was actually more of a consultation workshop. Their valuable recommendations allowed us to fine-tune and improve our self-service strategy.

    Nathalie Nahmias Director of Customer Relations @DPD France

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Revolutionize customer support with Smart Guide

Enhance your customers' self-service capabilities and your agents' efficiency with Smart Guide's intuitive help journeys.