The augmented help center that empowers your customers

Your visitors thus have access to the information they need as quickly as possible – from a complementary AI response engine to historical search results. The responses are referenced on Google and are 100% customizable.

Augmented help center

All paths lead to your help center

Your augmented help center is structured as a dynamic FAQ, optimized for SEO to ensure your answers appear at the top of search engine results. It is deployed at various stages of your customer journey to reassure your visitors:

A quick response with AI without consulting multiple help articles

When a visitor asks a question in our enhanced help center via our AI search engine, it uses generative AI to select the best sources among several possible ones, summarizing them into a concise and accurate response.

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Quality responses addressing visitor needs

Our augmented help center offers an advanced experience in resolving customer service issues.

An infinitely customizable help center

Our augmented help center knows no limits in its customization.

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The multilingual help center for international groups

Sharing customer knowledge throughout your group has never been easier, thanks to our help center:

Multi pays

The simple management help center

Easier management of your help content.
Create your help articles intuitively, structure them by category, tags or levels of hierarchy (decision trees), then distribute them on your website.

Smart Dashboard solution
  • Banque Populaire Nord

    The dynamic FAQ solution helps our customers grasp the basic elements of our product offering, allowing our advisors to only intervene on more complex interactions.

    Vincent Chapellier Head of Digital Marketing @Banque Populaire Nord
  • The dynamic FAQ has been extremely helpful to us during the second lockdown, and we regret not having had it during the first lockdown, to better reassure our customers.

    Maxence Gerard Omnichannel Director - Europe & Africa @Club Med
  • Corsica Linea

    Frequent bad weather in 2019 and the impact of COVID-19 have caused significant disruptions to our services and have resulted in an increased number of support requests. Our dynamic FAQ has helped reduce the strain on our teams whilst helping us to better understand where passengers encounter difficulties on our site.

    Caroline Cagninacci Digital Marketing Manager @Corsica Linea
  • Direct Energie

    We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Smart Tribune, both for the performance of their dynamic FAQ solution but also for their understanding and support of our unique requirements.

    Thierry Moussu Head of Digital Relations @Direct Energie
  • FFF

    Smart FAQ has allowed us to reduce support requests by 46%. Soon, this solution will also allow us to review our customer contact request process and eventually reduce the time it takes to classify user requests.

    Karim Mérovil Support Team leader @FFF
  • Smart FAQ has increased our search engine visibility and improved our questions/answers thanks to user feedback and has allowed us to focus on more complex support requests.

    Christophe Delattre Chief of Industrialisation Project Services @In Goupe
  • Satisfied customer

    “Smart Tribune AI help center - practical, dynamic, and customizable according to context (pages, customer journeys...) - helps our customers find the answers to their questions more easily.”

    Jérémie Croyère Chief Marketing & Product Officer @Linxea
  • Nature & Découvertes store

    During lockdown, without the dynamic FAQ in place, our customer service team would have had to process 3 times the amount of support requests.

    Laëtitia Angot Head of Customer Experience @Nature & Découvertes
  • Ouigo logo

    With a strong sensitivity to customer contact rates, Ouigo continues to invest in improving its customer self-service solutions. We see these tools as a win-win for both our customers and our brand.

    Cécile Delalieu Head of Customer Relations @OUIGO
  • Vattenfall

    The Smart FAQ is a central reference point on our site. In many ways, it is our 24/7 online support agent, indispensable in helping drive new sign-ups whilst also helping and reassuring our online visitors.

    Vanessa Girard Responsable Digitale France @Vattenfall
  • V-tech

    Smart FAQ helps us resolve issues relating to our over 400 products - each article helps resolve a unique issue that could impact one or many of our toys.

    Sandrine Roucheray Digital Marketing Manager @Vtech

Connect your help center to the solutions you already use

Our augmented help center integrates with your customer service tools (CRM, ticketing tools, etc.) to implement contact escalation, omnichannel, and other use cases.

Self-service integration

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