AI chatbot that provides expert advice and product recommendations

Energize your conversational commerce. Let your customers start their shopping journey with our AI chatbot and watch your sales significantly increase.

AI chatbot that provides expert advice and product recommendations

Boost your sales with the AI conversational experience

Incorporate an expert virtual advisor in your sales funnel, offering assistance and advice 24/7. Allow your AI chatbot to engage with your customers based on information from:

  • your product catalogue
  • customer history from your CRM
  • your help center content
Chatbot Boosts sales with the AI conversational experience

Encourage customers to speak to qualify the needs and guide them to the right funnel

Our AI chatbot captures and analyzes the intent behind every question, qualifying customer needs to direct them to the most relevant purchase options by suggesting the right product or the right call to action (CTA).

Pre-sales AI chatbot encourages customers to speak to qualify the needs and guides them to the right funnel

Eliminate friction in your customers' shopping experience

Your customers may face various issues during their online shopping – failed orders, questions about payment options, uncertain delivery times, or complex return policies. Our AI chatbot steps in to resolve your customers’ problems in real-time, improving their experience and facilitating the completion of their purchases.

Pre-sales AI chatbot Eliminate friction in the customers' shopping experience

The conversational solution to double your sales

Sources of truth

Your chatbot derives its knowledge from your FAQ content, previous interactions with your customers, and your documents and web pages. Smart AI ensures the consistency of this information to provide reliable assistance.

Brand risk consideration

The chatbot adapts to the tone and style of your brand to offer responses that respect your visual and narrative identity. Our moderation module detects sensitive subjects to prevent inappropriate responses, which are then escalated.

Contact escalation

In the event of complex questions or dissatisfaction, the chatbot can escalate to a phone call, a contact form, a live chat conversation while creating a support ticket.

Performance statistics

Analyze the performance of your chatbot with detailed data on customer satisfaction, identification of friction points, and escalation motives, allowing for continuous improvement of the conversational support experience.

Prepare your before-sales chatbot project

Our experts are at your disposal to help you define the AI before-sales support chatbot you need to address your use cases and ROI objectives.