Elevate your customer service into a value creation center with AI

Reduce level 1 requests by 40%, increase your agents’ autonomy by 20%,
and provide the right answers at the right time.

AI chatbot
AI chatbot for clients
Interact naturally with your customers as a "real" agent would.
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AI knowledge base
AI knowledge base
Your agents quickly find the help they need (knowledge, processes, etc.) to handle requests.
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Augmented help center
Self-service Smart Tribune
Our help center and its AI response engine are accessible from any step of your journeys.
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Decision trees
Decision trees
Guide your customers and agents step by step with diagnostics, interactive guides, and mini-quizzes.
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Integrations and plug&play
Easily integrate our solutions into your existing tools.
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For your online users

Make them autonomous on your journeys

Transform your customer service with our AI chatbot and augmented help center, which efficiently handle level 1 requests, freeing up time for your agents to focus on high-value interactions with your customers.

Self service solutions customer service

For your agents

Provide them with the right steps to follow at key moments

Our AI knowledge base structures your knowledge and keeps it up to date to provide the “what to say” and “what to do” – necessary for your agents to address their requests directly from their everyday tools (browser, flow management tool, ticketing system, etc.).

Smart Tribune solution for agents

Just as a real agent would with your customers

Our AI chatbot interacts naturally

Why choose Smart Tribune?

Value from the 1st day

Experience the immediate impact of our platform from the moment it's deployed. In days, not years.

Our customer cases

Tailor-made support

Thanks to our agency heritage, we offer cutting-edge expertise and highly personalized platform customization to help you achieve your business objectives.

Our support

Security and privacy

We adopt best practice in data security and software infrastructure, backed up by certifications and attestations to the most rigorous standards.

Your secured project

Return on investment

Our support is designed to clearly identify use cases with the highest ROI potential, thus maximizing the efficiency of your user journeys.

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Advantages of Smart Tribune

Find out why customer service leaders choose us

“We started with help centers, then we evolved to the internal knowledge base and finally to the AI chatbot! Smart Tribune's expertise in using AI for customer service has allowed us to evolve DPD France's self-service strategy to reduce our contact volumes.”

Nathalie Nahmias Customer Relations Director @DPD France

“With Smart Knowledge, at one of our partners, the time for skills acquisition was cut in half. Above all, agents are now more autonomous. Processing errors have decreased, and they rely less on their supervisors, who can focus on managing their teams.”

Isabelle Legrand Customer Relations Manager @Groupe Bayard

“Smart Tribune AI help center - practical, dynamic, and customizable according to context (pages, customer journeys...) - helps our customers find the answers to their questions more easily.”

Jérémie Croyère Chief Marketing & Product Officer @Linxea

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