Smart Dashboard A truly powerful knowledge base

Effortlessly create, manage, publish, and measure the effectiveness of your knowledge base content, in multiple languages and across multiple channels, from one easy-to-use, yet powerful place.

Smart Dashboard solution

Mission control for customer self-service

Whatever your combination of solutions may be, Smart Dashboard provides a simple, intuitive, and convenient way to manage your entire customer self-service experience without any hassle.

Make every customer interaction personal

Embrace the power of intelligent automation to create end-to-end customer service experiences that meet your customers wherever they are along their journey.

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Real-time data is the key to driving success

Monitor the ongoing effectiveness and performance of your customer self-service solutions, at a quick glance, via access to powerful data and insights that help you stay one step ahead of customer needs at all times.

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Flex your customer self-service muscles

Save time and money every single day with an intuitive, centralised way to manage both your knowledge base and customer self-service solutions. 

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