The omnichannel AI chatbot to solve your customer support problems

Offer a conversational agent available 24/7, reducing customer support issues by 50%.

The omnichannel AI chatbot to solve your customers' after-sales problems

Let your customers speak to qualify their problems

Quality support begins with a good qualification of your customers’ problems. Our chatbot uses generative AI to detect the intention behind a question and generate appropriate responses, and decision trees supplement it by providing clear instructions on the right questions to ask the customer to properly qualify their problem and assist in its resolution.

Let your customers speak to qualify their problems with your AI chatbot

Custom and empathetic assistance post-qualification

Every customer is different. Our chatbot, sensitive to the urgency and emotional context of each request, offers personalized responses to soothe and effectively assist each customer.

After-sales AI chatbot - custom and empathetic assistance post-qualification

Trigger predefined scenarios with your IS

Beyond responses, our chatbot performs direct actions, such as enrolling in a loyalty program, checking the status of a request, or subscribing to an offer. You can create scenarios (connected natively or via API) related to these actions in our chatbot manager.

Trigger predefined scenarios with after-sales ai chatbot

The conversational AI chatbot to reduce your level-1 requests

Sources of truth

Your chatbot derives its knowledge from your FAQ content, previous interactions with your customers, and your documents and web pages. Smart AI ensures the consistency of this information to provide reliable assistance.

Brand risk consideration

The chatbot adapts to the tone and style of your brand to offer responses that respect your visual and narrative identity. Our moderation module detects sensitive subjects to prevent inappropriate responses, which are then escalated.

Contact escalation

In the event of complex questions or dissatisfaction, the chatbot can escalate to a phone call, a contact form, a live chat conversation while creating a support ticket.

Performance statistics

Analyze the performance of your chatbot with detailed data on customer satisfaction, identification of friction points, and escalation motives, allowing for continuous improvement of the conversational support experience.

Prepare your customer support chatbot project

Our experts are at your disposal to help you define the AI after-sales support chatbot you need to address your use cases and ROI objectives.