Smart Bot
A better way
to chat with customers

Deploy Smart Bot across all of the conversational channels your customers use to provide them with instant, automated support whenever they need help.

Make every customer interaction count

Smart Bot is a more efficient way to resolve customer issues because it can adapt its responses in real-time based on the nature of the conversation and also know when it’s the right time to move the conversation over to a living, breathing customer service agent.

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A lot smarter than the average chatbot

Smart Bot uses sophisticated algorithms to instantly recognize the intent behind customer inquiries in order to surface the most relevant responses possible, all in an incredibly fluid, lifelike, and conversational manner.

Conversation Smart Bot

A chatbot that’s endlessly customisable

Smart Bot is built on industry-leading Tock technology, an advanced open-source conversational platform, to provide a more transparent and secure customer service experience that can be built to-spec based on a brand’s specific customer service needs.

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Backed by experts, built for success

While our next-gen chatbot can help you automate simple customer actions, like tracking packages or updating subscriptions, what sets Smart Bot apart is our team of experts dedicated to making it an ROI-positive customer service solution for you from day one.


Do it all (and more) from
the Smart Dashboard

This is where the “magic” really happens.
Your central hub for managing knowledge base content, across multiple brands, languages, and channels, to tackle customer needs efficiently, day in and day out.

Smart Dashboard solution
  • DPD customer success

    Our first meeting with Smart Tribune was actually more of a consultation workshop. Their valuable recommendations allowed us to fine-tune and improve our self-service strategy.

    Nathalie Nahmias Director of Customer Relations @DPD France
  • FFF

    We were faced with an influx of customer requests for issues that users should have been able to resolve themselves. Unfortunately, not all customers had access to a training manual and hadn't received much training.

    Karim Mérovil Support Team leader @FFF
  • AXA

    Smart Tribune has greatly improved our customer and consumer experience. I highly recommend their solutions.

    Raphaël Krivine Head of Direct Bank @AXA
  • Banque Populaire Nord

    The more information we share with our customers to answer their questions, the better their understanding of the range of products available to them and the easier it is for us to pitch and present ever more sophisticated services to respond to their needs.

    Vincent Chapellier Head of Digital Marketing @Banque Populaire Nord

Use Smart Bot alongside your other customer service tools

Our customer self-service solutions connect seamlessly to the entire ecosystem of third-party platforms and apps you already use to manage your customer relationships.

Self-service integration

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